Thursday, 21 November 2013

France Budget Travel Tips

If you’ve been contemplating a trip to France but concerned about the cost, don’t be. While some people may have the impression that a visit to the country is only for the wealthy, these tips will demonstrate that you can have a good time there without going over your budget.

Save on Lodging Expenses 

Hotels in big cities are expensive, so stay in a small town. If you’re planning to visit Paris, consider staying in Chartes, a city that’s just a train ride away but with low lodging rates. If you really want to stay in a hotel, take a look at some of the one-star hotels there, as many actually offer comfortable lodging at a rate you can afford. And if you’re the adventurous type, you may want to try camping, as it offers you a unique way to experience France.

Travel by Rail

Get a rail pass if your itinerary involves long distance travel because it’s cheaper compared to the point to point tickets. However, rail pass is only cost effective if you’re going to cover long distances, so you should work out the figures first. 

Money Matters

Make sure you bring just enough money for your transportation and basic needs. If you need more Euros, go to an ATM (there’s plenty of them in France) or have it charged to your credit card. Don’t go to any money exchange service as they have very high charges.

Save on Dining 

If your hotel provides breakfast for free, by all means take advantage of it. Otherwise you can skip the hotel breakfast and go to a cafe and have your fill of cafe au lait and croissant at a much lower price. To avoid any misunderstanding with your hotel, inform them the moment you check in that you don’t want any breakfast. This way you can avoid being charged extra. 

There are other ways that you can cut down on your dining expenses. For instance you can just order one large French meal rather than pay for several small ones, and if you’re going to order, make it a point to do it at lunch time as it will be cheaper compared to dinner even though the servings are the same. There are numerous big sized meals you can try, and one of the best is the prix fixe menu which includes appetizer, entree, and dessert. For a little bit more money, they’ll even throw in a free glass of wine.

Apolone in Louvre

Save on Travel

A rental car can be expensive and is only necessary if you’re bringing a lot of luggage or travelling to small villages or out of the way towns. The best option for budget travelers is the public transit, as they allow you to go from city to city and town to town easily.  

Finally, there’s no reason you should pay for an expensive insurance policy as cheap travel insurance is widely available. Contrary to what some believe, there are several cheap travel insurance policies that provide comprehensive cover, including pre-existing medical condition, cover for valuables and extreme sports activities, so it’s worth getting one.

 Author Bio : I’m Julia and I’m very fond of travelling as well as photography. I`m very active and communicative person who adores making new friends around the globe. Being also a traveller writer at Globelink Travel Insurance, I’m trying to describe the most incredible travelling experiences in my stories.

Thursday, 14 November 2013

How to index your website on various Search Engine?

Now a days online promotion is very effective for E commerce or any other Business. For online marketing everyone create a new Website or any free blog for promoting brand, local businesses. We know most of the people use Google for finding anything like purchasing product, information etc. So overall people target Google to come in search result page for any business related quires. For eg.- if you have cab service site then whenever user type "hire cab" you aspect that your site should come in ranking. For this you need to first Googlebot crawl and index your website and its content. So many people wants to crawl their website sooner after launched and when they add any content. Those who are new to SEO, this will help you start your SEO better way as without indexing you are not aware on search engine result page.

Before I go ahead I will explain about what is crawling and indexing

Crawling - In This Googlebot visiting every website and looking for new and updated information and crawl all the pages and content.

Indexing - In this process whatever information gathered by googlebot from its crawling activities they are added quality content to Googles search index. They also analyses title, description, content of the website

Below are few steps will help you to index your site quickly.

Creating Sitemap

For every new website you need to create sitemap. Sitemap includes list of all pages that exit on your website. With the help of this Googlebot crawl all your website at a glance. There are two types of sitemap includes first is html(sitemap.html) and another is xml(sitemap.xml).Html sitemap is helpful for user and crawler to get the idea of your site and Xml sitemap is for Google use after creating xml sitemap we need to submit this sitemap in Google Webmastre tool ( If your site is static and includes few pages or less than 500 then there are many website available for generating your sitemap like ( I personally used this website for creating sitemap and if you use Wordpress, Drupal theme then there are inbuilt plug-in available for sitemap.

Search Engine Submission

After creating Sitemap Submitting your website in various search engine. In free web submission ( you get the list of search engine sites to crawl your website different search engine along with Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Social Bookmarking

There are many quality website included in Social Bookmarking like Delicious, Folked, Stumbleupon,Thumblr useful website indexing. This will also helpful for increasing website traffic.

Updating Content

Googlebot give first priority to new and updated content. So I’ll suggest you to for better crawling and indexing try to update your website with new and unique content.

I follow this method for newly launched websites. If you know anything please share through your comment.

Rakhee kadam
 Author Bio : Rakhee Kadam is SEO professional and Blogger over Five years. Writes at her blog Gettogethers on current topics, news and experiences. Currently she works for the company Just dial as a Sr.SEO Expert.

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

How Google plus will help your business to get exposure to your customers

As we know that Google is the main search engine which is widely used in the globe, most of the businesses are on the internet and can be found in the Google search results. Though, Google has started Google plus which is social networking and growing fast in the current stage. This property by the Google meant to be the best platform for the businessmen to get the most of it. I will explain you it in the following steps.

Create Google Plus page of your business:

Your business on the Google plus will established a new way to discover the potential customers. Like Facebook and twitter people are on the Google plus to share and connect with each others. If the business has the good presence on the portal like Facebook and twitter can be more effective on this Google plus page as well. To create your business page on Google plus you will need your Google plus profile which will be the manager of the page.

Add necessary Information on the page:

It’s important to add the basic information of your business in the Google plus page. It can be the logo of the business, Basic information and the history of the business, Website URL. To make your Google plus page complete you need to place your business logo, basic information and the website URL. Website URL is the most important which will give your Google plus page followers the access to your website to make them your customers.

Add Google plus page URL to other social platforms:

The best advantage you can have your other properties to collaborate in such a way that your followers can get access to your all the properties. It is like the chain system which pulls the users and sends them to the portals which are from the same business. This will help your business to build the followers and the fan following for your Google plus page.

Add Google plus page URL to your business website:

Let your customers to know that your presence on the Google plus platform. This will lead the customers converting to the regular customers. The constant engagement and updating to the users and followers make them regular customers of your business. Users who found your business from the search engines and logged in can see the Google plus page and follow it.

Keep updating your business page to engage the users:

This step is important as you can earn new followers and fans from the users you currently have. The constant updating and engagement with the users keeps the good relation and bonding. Sharing an interesting updates can go viral and brought new users and followers to your Google plus page. Always keep in mind to relate your updates to your business to keep the relevancy.

Google plus is the platform I believe in the near future will give the best valuable followers and customers to the businesses. Do not ignore this very crucial time factor to use to build the strong social presence for your business and brand.

Darshan Beloshe is SEO professional and Blogger over five years. Writes his blog on his favorite topics and experiences. Currently He work for the company Justdial limited.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

The Best Ways To Exercise Your Dog

We all love man`s best friend – the dog – for which we try to do our best for them. One of the things especially important is bringing them for walks and they love it even more than us. As winter begins to creep in, the cold air and rainy evenings can easily hinder our exercising intentions. It is essential that your dog get as much exercise in winter as they would in the summer months. Even if you can’t bring them for a walk there are plenty of more ways to make sure they exude their energy. Making sure your dog exercises is just as important as having pet health insurance or looking after their veterinary requirements. Here are a few ideas to keep your dog active. 

Using the stairs in your house is a great way to tire your dog out. Your dog will get endless entertainment from running up and down the stairs and the steps will add an additional workout compared to your usual walk around the local roads or park. Engage your dog by standing at the top of the stairs with a toy, throw it to the bottom of the stairs and play fetch. After a few rounds of this you’ll certainly be filling a bowl of water for your little pup.

Dogs on stairs
Obstacle Course
Dogs love to play with, tug and pull at absolutely everything. How often has your dog entered the home to instantly look around for something that can be used for his or her own entertainment? Why not make this an exercise routine and create an obstacle course with different items from around the house, basement and garage? Use your kid’s old hula hoop as a target to jump through or build a tunnel with cushions. Lead your dog through a series of different obstacles and you will be sure to have created a physical and mental challenge for your favorite pet.

Dogs play

A great way to get your dog active in the winter months is by introducing them to the treadmill. It is essential that you slowly introduce your dog to the treadmill to ensure that they adapt to the motion and the sound. Place your dog on the treadmill when it is off and give him a treat, slowly turn it on to the lowest speed. Give your dog treats to keep him on the treadmill, he will slowly get used to it and enjoy the exercise. You and your dog may feel more comfortable by using a leash; this may only be required for initial stability. 

Dog on Treadmill

Tug of War
Tug of War is a great game for dog owners to play with their favourite pets. Before playing this game, be confident that you have a very healthy, trusting relationship with your dog as it can bring the predator our in your dog. Your dog will get right into the spirit of the game, as will you; it's guaranteed to have both pet and owner working up a sweat. 

They’re just a few great ways to get your dog active indoors. Avoid the lazy winter slump and use your imagination to come up with even more ideas to get your dog exercising, it’s simple, its healthy and most of all, it’s fun!

Author Bio : IvetaIvanova is a fond freelance writer with lots of interests such as animals, healthy life, travelling, technology and digital marketing. She likes seeing the positive side of everything to make the most of life. She writes on behalf of pet insurance.

Friday, 11 October 2013

A Few Great Ideas for Getting Off your Beaten Track

Looking to do something a bit different from your normal holiday? The concept of ‘off beaten track’ is a bit different for everyone. We all have our favorite places to go but sometimes when wanderlust hits, its time to explore new territories. Thankfully there are simple ways to test your own personal limits and do something interesting. Some of them might even be easier than you think!

Go Local
If you’re short on time or your budget is limited, why not do something new and different close to home? Chances are there are exciting things to do close to home. Pretend you’re a tourist and see your local attractions in a whole new light. There might be a mountain to climb or a famous landmark you've never even been to.

Get Outside your Comfort Zone
While we’re on the subject, getting off the beaten track could be as simple as doing something you’ve never done before. If you've never been hiking, climb that mountain we mentioned. Or, take a car trip across the country (if you live in a small one), stopping along the way to see the sights. Go skiing, go to the opera for the first time or visit a hot Cuban dance club. It’s all about trying new things.

Take to the Water
It’s not something we think about every day, but everyone should feel what it’s like to spend a few days (or a week!) on a boat. This is a way to literally expand your horizons! The easiest way would be to try canal boating for a slow relaxing holiday with family or friends. Or, join a sailing crew on a bare boat charter. From luxury crewed charters to rigorous sailing expeditions, if there’s an ocean near you, you can experience sailing first hand.

Be a Tourist in your Own City
Sometimes we become so used to our surroundings that we forget the wonder that tourists experience when seeing the place for the first time. Why not rent a hotel room with a view of the city and go out to dinner and the theater? You can also take a walking tour of the city’s landmarks, or do something fun like an organised pub crawl or gourmet tour.

Keep life fresh and interesting by doing new things- get off your own beaten track and create new memories!

    Author Bio : Sonia Moran is an avid traveler, adventurer and explorer. She enjoys setting off to destinations both near and far. In her professional life she is a business consultant and freelance writers for travel companies such as Chapman Bags and LateSail

Friday, 1 March 2013

Restaurants in Chennai with Food option and multiple cuisines.

Recently i visited Chennai for personal purpose, there i came to know about beauty and culture of Chennai, though it was very short visit but amazing for me. Chennai is Metro city of India and capital city of state Tamil Nadu. This State is surrounded by three states and two seas; on its north region we can see Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, on west Region Kerala and west region see Bay of Bengal, lastly on South region Laccadive Sea. Tamil Nadu itself comes in south region of India.

About Chennai City 

Chennai City
I saw that it has all the necessity things which any Metro city needs to have. It is fully enriched with culture, that’s why it is also called "cultural capital of India". I can on collectively information that Chennai has developed as one of the cosmopolitan city in India which plays an important part in the cultural, intellectual and historical growth of India. There people are very cooperative. 

About Food in Chennai

Rice is the cardinal food of South India. This is the main reason why you will see most of the food items are made of rice. Even you will find it in their breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner. There is no doubt that the food items served by Chennai people with hospitality really enticing and delicious. I'll say In addition to the traditional cuisine, you will get a different food from other regions of the country like including foreign cuisine. Mughlai cuisine, prepared in the style of Tamil, but also very tasty, very coveted and scope of the aroma of the spices. Now a days, in traditional Tamil cuisine adding a series of different dishes from other regions of India and abroad, a new variety of delicious and attractive cuisine elements.

Chennai has plentiful restaurants offering an choice of cuisine. If i say about Restaurants in Chennai than there you will find beach restaurants, buffet restaurants,  Veg , Non veg restaurants, Chinese, Italian, Mexican, Thai and Multi cuisine restaurants in Chennai

Here i would like to share some Restaurants in Chennai of multiple choice and by popularity, user ratings and review.

Veg restaurants in Chennai: As more and more people are becoming concerned about health and healthy eating, Vegetarian diets coming in demand.Case study have shown that vegetarians often have lower incidence of hypertension,obesity, coronary artery disease, and some forms of cancer.

Veg Food

Here are some Veg restaurants available in Chennai namely - Murugan Idli Shop, B R Mathsya, Nalas Aappakadai, Eden Restaurant, Kailash Parbat Restaurant, Zaitoon Restaurant, Sangeetha Veg Restaurant, Simply South, Shree Aaryabhavan Hotels, Chennai 24.

Non veg restaurants in Chennai: As Non-vegetarian foods are rich in protein of high biological value and in especially Vit B complex B12 which is not available in plant foods.

Non Veg. Food

Here are some Non-Veg restaurants available in Chennai namely - Saravana Bhavan Restaurant, Kfc Restaurant, Rain Forest Restaurant, Cream Centre, Buhari Hotel, Cascade Restaurant, Sangeetha Fast Foods Restaurant, Mcdonalds Family Restaurant, Anjappar Chettinad Restaurant.

Buffet restaurants in Chennai: In simple words it is a system of serving meals in which food is placed in a public area where the food generally serve themselves or consisting of several dishes from which guests serve themselves.

Buffet System

Here are some Buffet restaurants available in Chennai - Fortel Hotel, The Pride Hotel, Drizzle Restaurant, New Andhra Meals Hotel, Copper Kitchen Restaurant, Lemon Grass Restaurant, Momo Restaurant, Spice Jar Restaurant, Main Street Restaurant.

Chinese restaurants in Chennai: Chinese food usually emphasize on rice, noodles and vegetables and is always associated with eating a healthy and well balanced food.

Chinese Food

Here are some Chinese restaurants available in Chennai namely - Mainland China Restaurant, Wangs Kitchen Restaurant, Cascade Restaurant, Fusion 9,China Town, Crescent Hotel, Wonton Restaurant.

Italian restaurants in Chennai: Pasta and pizza are traditionally Italian foods that are quite common around the world. One of the best part is that we can Save our heart and calories by opting dishes which contains with tomatoes, garlic, oregano, basil etc instead of the heavy fatty dishes that contain cream.

Italian Food

Here are some Italian restaurants available in Chennai namely - The Pasta Land,Parfait 3 Bistro,Simrans Aappa Kadai, Peaches Restaurant, Sangeetha Veg Restaurant, Eden Restaurant.

Mexican restaurants in Chennai: Mexican food is spicy, intense and full of variety, corn, and particularly corn tortillas, plays a fundamental role in
most all Mexican cuisine. If you looking for nutritious alternatives, Mexican food has the potential to benefit your health.

Mexican Food

Here are some Mexican restaurants available in Chennai namely - Drizzle Restaurant, Barbeque Nation Restaurant, Cream Centre, Fusion 9,Zara Tapas Restaurant, Cream & Salsa.

Thai restaurants in Chennai: Thai cuisine is one of the healthiest foods you can eat. Lots of the ingredients used in Thai cooking are very beneficial to health, one common Thai dish, Tom Yum Soup has been under scientific study for its incredible health benefits.

Thai Food

Here are some Thai restaurants available in Chennai namely - Momo Restaurant, Drizzle Restaurant,3 Kingdoms, Sangeetha Veg Restaurant, Fusion 9,Benjarong.

Multi cuisine restaurants in Chennai: In simple words its style or method of cooking and type of foods that typify a country or region likes.

Multi cuisine restaurant

Here are some Thai restaurants available in Chennai namely -Barbeque Nation Restaurant, The Residency Towers, Saravana Bhavan Restaurant, Rain Forest Restaurant, Cream Centre, Ambica Empire, Dhabba Express Restaurant, Crimson Chakra Restaurant.

Hope this information will help you for your eat out in Chennai.

Monday, 25 February 2013

Some pics in Kerala on First day

That was my Netravati train journey - You can see those greenery beside train window.  

This is place where our train holts one station for a while where i went out side the train for quench my thirst.

That was beautiful Sun set which i captured in my camera.
That was one of the best moment i had seen in Thiruvananthapuram Zoo. Peacock Peafowl. 
That was one of the huge tree in Thiruvananthapuram Zoo which has many secondary branches supported clear of the ground by the trunk.
That was amazing tree without leaves and had lots of his branches.
Here i had rest for few minutes, its was like breathing in Gods nature. 
That was wonderful tree which always looks awesome.  
You can see two different languages which indicating one meaning.
Had rest in vast branches of trees.
This is one of the best picture i captured in my camera. Lionness was looking at us.
Here you can see multiple roots of single tree.
An huge Elephant
Bunch of Duck.
Some group of Deer.

Some nice pics of Tiger.
One nice pic of Ostrich.
Some pics of Bcakwater boating

Here you can see dense land of coconut trees.

A Mango tree in kerala's bcak water which not good to eat.

Enjoyed with waves of sea.

Golden Sand Beach