Wednesday, 30 October 2013

How Google plus will help your business to get exposure to your customers

As we know that Google is the main search engine which is widely used in the globe, most of the businesses are on the internet and can be found in the Google search results. Though, Google has started Google plus which is social networking and growing fast in the current stage. This property by the Google meant to be the best platform for the businessmen to get the most of it. I will explain you it in the following steps.

Create Google Plus page of your business:

Your business on the Google plus will established a new way to discover the potential customers. Like Facebook and twitter people are on the Google plus to share and connect with each others. If the business has the good presence on the portal like Facebook and twitter can be more effective on this Google plus page as well. To create your business page on Google plus you will need your Google plus profile which will be the manager of the page.

Add necessary Information on the page:

It’s important to add the basic information of your business in the Google plus page. It can be the logo of the business, Basic information and the history of the business, Website URL. To make your Google plus page complete you need to place your business logo, basic information and the website URL. Website URL is the most important which will give your Google plus page followers the access to your website to make them your customers.

Add Google plus page URL to other social platforms:

The best advantage you can have your other properties to collaborate in such a way that your followers can get access to your all the properties. It is like the chain system which pulls the users and sends them to the portals which are from the same business. This will help your business to build the followers and the fan following for your Google plus page.

Add Google plus page URL to your business website:

Let your customers to know that your presence on the Google plus platform. This will lead the customers converting to the regular customers. The constant engagement and updating to the users and followers make them regular customers of your business. Users who found your business from the search engines and logged in can see the Google plus page and follow it.

Keep updating your business page to engage the users:

This step is important as you can earn new followers and fans from the users you currently have. The constant updating and engagement with the users keeps the good relation and bonding. Sharing an interesting updates can go viral and brought new users and followers to your Google plus page. Always keep in mind to relate your updates to your business to keep the relevancy.

Google plus is the platform I believe in the near future will give the best valuable followers and customers to the businesses. Do not ignore this very crucial time factor to use to build the strong social presence for your business and brand.

Darshan Beloshe is SEO professional and Blogger over five years. Writes his blog on his favorite topics and experiences. Currently He work for the company Justdial limited.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

The Best Ways To Exercise Your Dog

We all love man`s best friend – the dog – for which we try to do our best for them. One of the things especially important is bringing them for walks and they love it even more than us. As winter begins to creep in, the cold air and rainy evenings can easily hinder our exercising intentions. It is essential that your dog get as much exercise in winter as they would in the summer months. Even if you can’t bring them for a walk there are plenty of more ways to make sure they exude their energy. Making sure your dog exercises is just as important as having pet health insurance or looking after their veterinary requirements. Here are a few ideas to keep your dog active. 

Using the stairs in your house is a great way to tire your dog out. Your dog will get endless entertainment from running up and down the stairs and the steps will add an additional workout compared to your usual walk around the local roads or park. Engage your dog by standing at the top of the stairs with a toy, throw it to the bottom of the stairs and play fetch. After a few rounds of this you’ll certainly be filling a bowl of water for your little pup.

Dogs on stairs
Obstacle Course
Dogs love to play with, tug and pull at absolutely everything. How often has your dog entered the home to instantly look around for something that can be used for his or her own entertainment? Why not make this an exercise routine and create an obstacle course with different items from around the house, basement and garage? Use your kid’s old hula hoop as a target to jump through or build a tunnel with cushions. Lead your dog through a series of different obstacles and you will be sure to have created a physical and mental challenge for your favorite pet.

Dogs play

A great way to get your dog active in the winter months is by introducing them to the treadmill. It is essential that you slowly introduce your dog to the treadmill to ensure that they adapt to the motion and the sound. Place your dog on the treadmill when it is off and give him a treat, slowly turn it on to the lowest speed. Give your dog treats to keep him on the treadmill, he will slowly get used to it and enjoy the exercise. You and your dog may feel more comfortable by using a leash; this may only be required for initial stability. 

Dog on Treadmill

Tug of War
Tug of War is a great game for dog owners to play with their favourite pets. Before playing this game, be confident that you have a very healthy, trusting relationship with your dog as it can bring the predator our in your dog. Your dog will get right into the spirit of the game, as will you; it's guaranteed to have both pet and owner working up a sweat. 

They’re just a few great ways to get your dog active indoors. Avoid the lazy winter slump and use your imagination to come up with even more ideas to get your dog exercising, it’s simple, its healthy and most of all, it’s fun!

Author Bio : IvetaIvanova is a fond freelance writer with lots of interests such as animals, healthy life, travelling, technology and digital marketing. She likes seeing the positive side of everything to make the most of life. She writes on behalf of pet insurance.

Friday, 11 October 2013

A Few Great Ideas for Getting Off your Beaten Track

Looking to do something a bit different from your normal holiday? The concept of ‘off beaten track’ is a bit different for everyone. We all have our favorite places to go but sometimes when wanderlust hits, its time to explore new territories. Thankfully there are simple ways to test your own personal limits and do something interesting. Some of them might even be easier than you think!

Go Local
If you’re short on time or your budget is limited, why not do something new and different close to home? Chances are there are exciting things to do close to home. Pretend you’re a tourist and see your local attractions in a whole new light. There might be a mountain to climb or a famous landmark you've never even been to.

Get Outside your Comfort Zone
While we’re on the subject, getting off the beaten track could be as simple as doing something you’ve never done before. If you've never been hiking, climb that mountain we mentioned. Or, take a car trip across the country (if you live in a small one), stopping along the way to see the sights. Go skiing, go to the opera for the first time or visit a hot Cuban dance club. It’s all about trying new things.

Take to the Water
It’s not something we think about every day, but everyone should feel what it’s like to spend a few days (or a week!) on a boat. This is a way to literally expand your horizons! The easiest way would be to try canal boating for a slow relaxing holiday with family or friends. Or, join a sailing crew on a bare boat charter. From luxury crewed charters to rigorous sailing expeditions, if there’s an ocean near you, you can experience sailing first hand.

Be a Tourist in your Own City
Sometimes we become so used to our surroundings that we forget the wonder that tourists experience when seeing the place for the first time. Why not rent a hotel room with a view of the city and go out to dinner and the theater? You can also take a walking tour of the city’s landmarks, or do something fun like an organised pub crawl or gourmet tour.

Keep life fresh and interesting by doing new things- get off your own beaten track and create new memories!

    Author Bio : Sonia Moran is an avid traveler, adventurer and explorer. She enjoys setting off to destinations both near and far. In her professional life she is a business consultant and freelance writers for travel companies such as Chapman Bags and LateSail